Michigan Collection of Chainsaw
Michigan Collection of Chainsaw Carvings Care and Preservation Page
On This page you will find tips and suggestions on how to best care for your Michigan
Chainsaw Carving.
First and foremost, keep your chainsaw sculpture out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can
dry a chainsaw carving out too fast causing excessive cracking. The sun also has harmful
UV rays that will damage the finish on a chainsaw carving and also bleach and discolor
wood, after the finish is damaged water damage would follow shortly.
It is my belief that some of the best finishes for chainsaw sculptures is with oils, there are
many types of oils that are suitable and can give a different effect, there are tung oils ,
danish oils , linseed oils , rosewood oils , there are oils from oil based paints and stains,
Some of these are suitable for outdoors , some are not.
It has been my experience that several coats over several days or even weeks can greatly
reduce cracking if not prevent it altogether.
Another important concern with a Michigan Chainsaw Carving is, ground contact
chainsaw carvings should not be left on the bare ground for extended periods as the
wood sculptures will "wick" moisture from the ground and cause softening and decay to
the wood fibers ultimately leading to rot.
Preferably carvings will be supported above whatever surface they are resting on so that
air can circulate underneath the carving and allow the chainsaw sculpture to dry from the
inside out , helping to prevent mold,decay and rot.